Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not The Usual Buses

Upside Down Bus:

This piece of artwork was welded together, one upside down on top of the other from two yellow buses. It was an idea of Ben Cohen, & artist Stefan Sagmeister & it was car artist Tom Kennedy & group who made it a reality.

Painted Bus For National Geographic Channel:

This bus was specially painted with an ad for television program of National Geographic Channel.
Luxury Buses:

Pig Bus:

Firefox Bus:

Microsoft Office Bus: It's suggested that it's a 'Microsoft office bus' for employees to work while providing the conveyance to & from workplace. Can this be yet another work of 'Photoshop'.

Interesting Bus Ads: Here are some ads which have utilized the best of the structure of the buses to convey their message in a beautiful & creative way.

Cat Bus:

Dog Bus:

A Train + Bus:

Toyota & its truck-making subsidiary Hino Motors along with Japan Rail Hokkaido developed a dual-mode vehicle which can travel on roads & railways. The DMV has four rubber tyres & travels just like a bus on the road & has steel wheels for the tracks. It just takes about 15 seconds to convert using a hydraulic system. It seems the testing of these DMVs have started 18 months ago.


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